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My best friend said we should both write a blog on this particular theme. At first I didn't like the idea, because my artistic mind came to a cute little thing every artist hates most - the artistic mindblock - if that is, what it's called. The thing is like a sickness ..
However, this theme is pleasant and nice, and the best part, I don't have to make one thing up. The story is long, but I will try to make it as short as possible, and will as well try to make it a nice reading.

So, this is a story about a boy, named Uroš, a person of many hobbies and plenty time to spend it on them. Sometimes, I even get myself to believe he stole time from Cronos, the great old titan, who had the Time under his comand.
So, Uroš once found himself a perfect book; it was the first in the series of 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'. The book was called 'A Game Of Thrones', and it took him over completely. Actually, he was so inspired by it, he told me I had to read it, and he even insisted on lending me his, which is a very rare thing to happen, when it comes to his books. So, that is the story of a boy, so now let's get on with a different one.

This is a story of a girl. A book was forced onto me. I didn't want to read it, since I had already had one or two unread of my own. But well, Uroš is a person who won't fall just onto anything .. Or is he?
I couldn't bring myself to start with the read just like that. But once, I happened to just get a reading itch. And I had to read, no matter what. So, I decided to pick this book up, and to open it. I started to read slowly, since I love these kind of books, though I wasn't too sure, because sometimes they are just a bore; the writers can't write; the situations are clumsy; the characters are dull and stereotyped. Not that I'm too bothered, these books are easy to read, mostly. And some really shorten your wait, or are great to blow time by going through them, but ... there is always a but. Like that Twilight saga. Very interesting, and sweet, and pretty, and romantic, and so forth and back. It really gives you the thrill, and expectation of something, and you also feel pleasant after you've read it. But ... there is always a but. I would lie, if I said Twilight wasn't interesting and all that, but the truth is this as well: 'it is empty, it is shallow, it is dull, it is clumsy, it is all black and white. Beautiful! But not.
However, this was a total ... it was pure awesomeness. I had plenty of pages read without even knowing it. I admit it, it was hard at times, because the book is, well, filled with people; and this or that thing, these people did, or are doing, it is complex; and there is this vivid description of the landscapes; and the characters are so very human, and so very immature at times, they literally grow and fall in front of your eyes!; and there are so many interesting, and unbelievable, rather unthinkable closures there ...
Though, I kinda don't want to read any more of that, for the thought, of any of my fav. characters getting killed ... Let me first say, that I'm about at the beginning of the third book - A Storm Of Swords.
And I seriously don't want to read the book no longer, if either Arya, Jon, or Tyrion get killed.
Though Tyrion probably will, because he is the writers favourite, so who knows what other kind of hell will Mr. Martin bring upon him.
Jon might get killed, because he is constantly at that very edge of that double-edged sword (not to mention that he is a bastard :P), but maybe that is the reason he survives.
My greatest fear goes to Arya though; she is just old enough to get killed, without anyone seriously freaking out; Bran actually survived - to where I'm at -; and she is a prodigy plus a very bold kid - how coud she have survived so far? ... Yet Arya has this - quirky and cute at the same time - thing about her, that you just HAVE TO love.
I love the series so much, I even went and watched the HBO ones. That was such a disaster at some points, very far from the book as well, but I didn't mind watching, and I totally fell into the character.

A story of a 5-hour wait.
I've been there, and done that, and even put it on paper afterwards :D :D :D
Uroš has the original, though, and I didn't make copies. However, let's get that long story short.
I got there at 6:20 pm, and the place was crawling with people. At that moment, I thought to myself something, like:' OMG! People! Plenty! Can't do this ...' But after a couple of minutes, I knew I could. It should only be a two-hour wait, right? WRONG.
After the 30 mins (or was it even more) outside, there was the horrid thing just in between the front doors and the lobby, where a kid had collapsed, an one-hour wait in the lobby, a quick move up the stairs and a load of line upstairs. When I got to the first floor, I knew it was really bad. But I didn't know how bad it was, until I came from around the corner. But fuck the corner, there was a thing like a labyrinth of lines there, after that. Oh, really? The 'labyrinth' against the final line, I have no words for it! It was like the Netherlands' Mount Vaals (332'7) against the Alps, or (let's exaggerate) Mount Everest. The Final Line was actually pretty much as long as the whole trip until then, maybe multiplied by 2, or maybe 3. And then, after that line, there was this oasis. I could see the almighty GRRM, he was sitting on his throne, signing autographs, and looking great!
The Lord of the North, Eddard Stark, or Boromir to everyone else, was sitting on the Iron Throne behind him, looking troubled. I kind of had this feeling that, he was symbolising GRRM's suffering, they had to feel quite alike - different reasons and all that included. Yet still, Mr. Martin looked like he was there, chit-chatting for five hours. He was so fresh-looking, and had such a kind smile on his face. You could see he was really tired, but he didn't show it. If I didn't know, he was there the whole time - working his arm off, not being able to move, with the exeptional shaking of hands, writing, and talking to people -, I'd probably never believe he was tired.

A walk around a corner and I was standing in front of him. I started to blable, about how much Uroš loves his work, and how thrilled he was to hear of him coming to Si, but couldn't come, because he had to go to Scotland. And I pushed my friends book in front of him, so he could sign it, and even dared to give him my favourite 'Ninja Turtles' notebook to sign. It was among my favourite things in the world! I told him it was my favourite, when he laughed a bit. It was a kind laugh though, and he did sign it. :D :D :D

I saved it among the happiest moments of my life, in my mind. I also got Mr. Gorenc to sign the book, and he also wrote a dedication, quoting my words. It was the awesomest dedication ever. Also, he immediately knew who Uroš was. It was crazy. :D :D :D Too bad, I didn't ask him for an autograph, but I was really out, or off.

I also had this very kind gentleman, working as a security guard there, to help me take pictures of Mr. Martin, and after the whole ceremony, I met him outside later, and we talked for a bit. It was really great. Somewhere, before I met him outside, I saw Martin, Gorenc, and a couple of others I didn't know, walk down the street, past me. I thought, I should follow them, and take pictures, and stalk like every normal person, but I didn't have the heart to bug them more.

The whole thing wouldn't happen, if it wasn't for my best friend.

Thank you, Urron sama!!!

I would also like to thank Mr. George Martin for his patience, and for signing every single autograph there was, and even with a smile on his face. He is THE MAN! An amazing person!

A thanks goes to Mr. Gorenc as well, for being a good narrator, and keeping us cool. And of course for autograph and the dedication of pure awesomeness.

And of course, a thanks goes to every single person, who took care of us, up there on the hellway, and of course, to all the kids, who came to the event, and kept their coolness till the very end, and for making others smile, and for all the chit-chat ...

Thanks for the read, cye l8r ;)

nedelja, 10. julij 2011

Ena najboljših pesmi wseh časow / One of the greatest songs ever

Naslov pesmi: Tornero
Izvajalec: I Santo California
Album: Se Davvero Mi Vuoi Bene ... Tornero
Leto: 1974

S to pesmijo so se ISC prebili na wrh Italije, nekaj kasneje so postali globalni, pesem je bila predwajana po wsem swetu in besedilo le-te prewedeno w mnogo jezikow.

Kljub wsesplošni slawi so w Italiji utrpeli hladen tuš, saj jih niso predwajali praktično na nobeni pomembnejših glasbenih TV oddaj.
Na prestižnem glasbenem Sanremo festivalu so, leta 1978, kot tekmowalci, s pesmijo 'Monica' pristali na tretjem mestu.
Po tem uspehu ali neuspehu, so počasi zbledeli w ozadje in nastopali le še na regionalnih in lokalnih sejmih.

Pesem gowori o dečku, ki odhaja z wlakom in zapušča swojo ljubezen, swoje dekle.
Prešlo je leto, on pa še naprej hrepeni po njej in njeni ljubezni in obljublja, 'Tornero', da se bo wrnil ...

Nikoli se nisem poglabljala w besedilo, mogoče sem ga razumela kot otrok, a wsakič, ko sem jo slišala, me je pesem pretresla ...
Tako ali drugače, namerno oddaja mogočno energijo, w kateri tiči moč njegowe obljube, njej in samemu sebi. I Santo California so wsa ta čustwa (w tej obljubi) čudowito pretworili w melanhonično melodijo, ki je kljub temu prelepo barvita.

Kar se tiče zatona skupine, to se dogaja, ko žiwiš med fowšljiwci, naj jih bo sram, band je bil preweč dober za izumrtje!

Kar se tiče pesmi, res mi je žal tega tipa, ampak bodimo realni, ženska ga je pozabila po kakšnem mesecu ali šestih in ga zamenjala za nekega waškega bogatina.

Song Title: Tornero
Performers: I Santo California
Album: Se Davvero Mi Vuoi Bene ... Tornero
Year: 1974

With this song ISC got their breakthrough to the top of Italy, and a bit later they suddenly went global, the song was aired worldwide and the lyrics were translated into many languages.

Notwithstanding the fame they had achieved in the World the band was snubbed in Italy, for they were hardly broadcasted in any of the principal musical TV programs.
At the prestigius Sanremo Music Festival 1978, the group as contestans ended up in third place with a song titled 'Monica'.
After that success or failure, they slowly faded away and were left off performing at regional and local fairs.

The song speaks to us through a boy, who's leaving by a train, abandoning his love, his girl.
A year passed by and he's still yearning for her and her love, promising: 'Tornero', he will come back ...

I have never really immersed* into the lyrics, maybe I understood those when I was a little, yet every single time I heard it, the song shook my insides - as in emotionally ...
Either way, the song is intentionally radiating a vibrant energy, whithin which stirrs the power of his promise, promise to her and himself. I Santo California wonderfully convertet those strong emotions (upon the promise) into a melancholy melody, which is, against all odds, beautifully colorful.

As far as the concern of the fading of the band goes, this is what occurs, while u live among envious snobbs, they should be ashamed!, the band was too good for extinction!

Concerning the song, I really deeply feel for this guy, but let's be real, the woman has forgotten him after somewhere between one and six months and swapped him with a certain town 'Richie Rich' character.

* - inappropriate word, can't find another atm ... myb I should try with 'dive into', 'submerge', ...

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Muflona ljubi Fanija


Muflona loves Fani

<3 <3 <3

PS: today is 14th February 2010 and its 2:53 am

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Prazno *by PoLona Klemenc*

Zrem v ogledalo.

Ni me v odsevu.

Ni pravi občutek.

Sem duh v svojih mislih.

Sem tisti, ki sem ga pustil za sabo.

Vseskozi romam po hiši.

Zdi se, da nič ni narobe.

In nič ni prav.

Ne opazim se.

Stopim kar skozi sebe.

Zrem v ogledalo.

Prazno je.


Empty *by PoLona Klemenc*

I stare at the mirror.

I'm not in the reflection.

It doesn't feel right.

I'm the ghost inside my mind.

I'm the one I left behind.

I keep on roaming the house.

It seems like nothing is wrong.

And nothing is right.

I don't notice myself.

I walk straight through myself.

I stare at the mirror.

It's empty.

petek, 24. julij 2009

Klasifikacija najboljši prijatelj/Best friend material

Tole bom napisala za moje najbolše prijatelje ... Ok, zaradi mojih najboljših prijateljev ... Tistih, ki so do nedavnega to bili ... V angleščini sem res dobro besedno zvezo najdla hehe ... Kam to pelje? Kmalu bom kvalificirana kot genij ali pač kot norec ... Če je bilo sploh kdaj pomembno ...

Zgodba poteka ... 2 najboljša prijatela sta me odpikala kot najboljšega prijatelja ...
Eden me je odpikal zaradi sten, ki sem jih gradila okoli sebe (v bistvu so se same in jaz se jih še vedno ne morem znebiti - niti malo) in zato, ker sem egoistična - kar nisem, sem egocentrična in ja tu je razlika ... Egocentrično je bližje narcisističnemu in egoistično je bližje materialističnemu: v kolikor to zadeva mene ...
Drugi mi je dejal, da ne morem biti najboljša prijateljica zaradi nekih okoliščin ... Karkoli je že to pomenilo ... Zdi se mi, da ima probleme s t.i. (tako imenovano) fant-dekle razmerje, ki pravi, da fant in dekle ne moreta biti najboljša prijatelja ... Tako ali drugače se nikoli nisem imela za dekle ...

Ampak oba imam tako zelo rada. Reči hočem, zelo majhna skupina oseb je, ki so mi blizu, pa čeprav imam vsaj malo rada veliko ljudi ... Imela sem 7 najboljših prijateljev (samo 5 sedaj). Za te fante in punce dam življenje! Sedaj pa se vse zdi kot neokusne, slabe sanje. Najboljši prijatelj pride k meni in reče: " Eiga, veš, ne moreva biti najboljša prijatelja. Preprosto ni prav." Potem mi pove kakšne scene mu/ji delam ...

Izgleda, da ne morem biti klasificirana za najboljšega prijatelja. Ampak zakaj? Kako prepoznaš najboljšega prijatelja od normalnega prijatelja in ostalih? Kje je zanka?
Saj bom tam, ko me boš potreboval, vedno bom imela ramo na kateri se lahko razjočeš, izmišljevala si bom najbolj trapaste vice, samo da te spravim v boljšo voljo, pa četudi to pomeni, da bom iz sebe naredila budalo. Življenje bom dala zate.
Poskušam biti boljša oseba. Lahko se in bom se prilagodila, če bo potrebno, ampak to ne pomeni, da bom tiho, če bom hotela nekaj spornega povedati.. Poslušala bom in povedala zakaj se ne strinjam, če je konflikt. In stala bom za svojimi besedami, kot se to reče pri nas. Ne glede na vse. Ali me to naredi manjšo osebo? Manj prijatelja? In če že, zakaj? Priznam svojo zmoto, ampak, če je ni oziroma je ne sprejmem kot to, tu ni več za povedati.
Ne bom rekla, da nisem dekle, zato, da ti bom lahko prijatelj. To pravim zato, ker se ne počutim kot dekle. Pa čeprav so mi fantje všeč. Pa kaj potem? Ali to pomeni, da sem dekle? Kaj pa, če sem fant ujed v dekliškem telesu? Mogoče sem tomboy. Mogoče tega sranja sploh ni. Obstaja več takih, kot sem sama. Fantje ujeti v dekliškem telesu in obratno. Ali nas to naredi slabša bitja? Zakaj tako?

Ne vem zakaj sploh obstajajo najboljši prijatelji in manj prijatelji. Ne razumem kaj me naredi ne-najboljšega-prijatelja. Ker te ne pokličem vsak dan? To ne pomeni, da obstaja dan, ko vsaj enkrat ne pomislim nate. To ne pomeni, da mi nisi drag. Sem hladno, kar mrzlo, bitje. Svoja občutja držim zase. Priznam, da se včasih kar preveč zaprem vase, ampak taka sem odkar sem bila majcena deklica. Ja nekoč sem slednje bila. Ampak sedaj nisem velika deklica. Tudi ženska nisem.
Sem nekaj, kar je ujeto zunaj škatle ( po ameriško). Vedno sem bila izven škatle in v mnogih primerih. Je to tako grozen zločin? Zakaj tako? Tisočkrat bi bila križana in zažgana na grmadi, preprosto zato, ker sem, kar sem. Saj bi morala biti, menijo mnogi. Ali pa rečejo, da tako ne mislijo, ampak še vseeeno se vedno tako zdi. Sovražim svojo drugačnost, ampak gnusna mi je misel, da bi bila taka kot so vsi drugi, samo zato, da bi me nekdo maral, ljubil. Tole bi morala napisati deset let nazaj, ampak nikoli prej mi nihče ni rekel, da noče biti moj najboljši prijatelj zato, ker sem, kakršna sem. Hudiča, deset let nazaj sploh vedela nisem kaj najboljši prijatelj je. Tudi sedaj nisem prepričana, da vem, kakšen vrag to je. Morala bi se bolj odpreti. Ampak tega se bojim, vem. Priznam. Ne vem niti kako se odpreti. Nisem dobra z besedami. Vsaj ne, kadar jih je potrebno spregovoriti. Jih spraviti na odprto. Ne zmorem tega. Hvala bogu za pisavo heh heh.

Mir. Hvala, da ste brali to sranje. Če že veste odgovor, kar povejte. Vesela bom vsake besede. Rada poslušam. Vsaj to znam.

Love ye all!

I'm going to write this one for my best friends ... Ok, because of my best friends ... Best friends used-to-be-s ... LoL heh making up new things all the time ... Where's it leading me? Soon I'll be either quallified as a genius or a nutter ... If it ever mattered ...
The story goes by ... 2 best friends told me off as a best friend ...
One told me he couldn't take me as one because of the walls I built around me ( they built themselves really and I still can't just bring them down - at all) and because I'm egoistic - which I'm not, I'm egocentric and yes there's a difference ... Egocentric is closer to narcissistic and egoistic is closer to materialistic: as far as I'm concerned ...
The other one told me I could never be his best friend because of the circumstances ... Whatever that meant ... I think he has an issue with that boy - girl relationship about boys and girls not being able to be best friends ... I never considered myself a girl really ...

But I love them both so much. I mean I only feel close to a small group of people even though I like many ... I had 7 best friends at once (5 now). I'd give life for these lads n lasses. And now everything seems like a bad dream. My best friend comes up to me and says: "Hey, we can't be best friends. It just doesn't feel right." Then they speak about issues thy're having with me ...

Seems like I'm not a best-friend material. But why? How can u tell a best-friend material from a friend material and other materials? Where's the catch really?
I'll be there for you when you need me, I'll have a shoulder for you to cry on, I'll make up stupid jokes just to make you feel better even if it means making a fool of myself. I'll give my life for you.
I do try to be a better person and I can and will adapt too when needed, but that won't mean that I'll back off when I try to make a point. I'll listen and tell why I disagree if I do. And I will stand behind my words as we say in Slovenia, no matter what. Does that make me a lesser person? A lesser friend? If yes, why so? I'll admit my mistake, but if it isn't or I don't take it as one, there's nothing more to talk about.
I don't want to say I'm not a girl just to be your friend, I'm saying it because I really don't feel like one. Even though I like boys. So what? Does that meant I am one? What if I'm a boy caught in a girls body? Maybe I'm just a tomboy. Maybe there is no shit like that. There are others like me. Boys caught in girls body and otherwise. Does that make us lesser beings? Why so?

I don't know why there are such things like best friends and lesser friends. I don't understand what makes me non-best-friend material. Because I don't call u every day? That don't mean I don't think of you every day. That doesn't mean I don't think of you dearly. I'm a cold distant creature. I keep my feelings to myself. I do admit I can be too closed up, but I've been so ever since I was a little girl. Yes I was a little girl once. But now I'm not a big one. Not a woman either. I'm something caught outside the box. I've always been outside the box in many ways. Is that such a crime? Why so? I would be thousand times crucified and burned like a stake for being myself. I should many will think. Or maybe they'd say that is not what they meant, but still it always seems so. I hate being different, but I refuse to be the same as all the others just to be liked, loved by someone. I should have written this ten years ago, but I've never really been told I couldn't be somebodys best friend because of being me. Hell ten years ago I didn't even know what a best friend was. I'm not sure I know now either. I should open up. But I'm afraid to, I know. I admit. I don't even know how to open up. I am not good at words. Not as long as I have to speak them up. Bring them out. I can't. Thank god for writing, heh heh.

Peace. Thanks for reading this shit. If you know an answer to this, speak up. I'd be glad to listen. That I can do.

Love ye all!

sreda, 25. junij 2008

Sowrazimo drugacne/Letz hate those who differ from us!!!

Drugacno sem od tebe. In ti si drugacen od mene. To je resnica. In je dejstvo.
Zakaj smo si drugacni? Zakaj bi morali biti enaki?
Nisem tako kot ti. In tudi nocem biti tako kot si. Nocem imeti twojega obraza ali las, twojih oci, tipa/barwe koze. Nocem imeti istega pogleda na swet kot ga imas ti. Nocem imeti glasu kakrsnega imas ti. Nocem pisati pesmi in zgodb na nacine na kakrsne jih ti.
Nocem te uzaliti. Nikogar izmed was. Ampak ce bi imelo enake kwalitete kot ti ali izglede, twoje popolno telo ... To ne bi wec bilo jaz.
Sem posebno in popolno in hocem ostati posebno in popolno. Praw tak si ti. In ti moras ostati ti. Eden in edini. Ti.
Ne sowrazi tistih, ki so ali hocejo biti drugacni. Moral bi jih spostowati mnogo bolj kot spostujes tiste, ki tebi hocejo biti enaki.

Ampak pomni; cez wse spostuj sebe.

I am different from you. And you are different from me. This is the truth. And is also a fact.
Why are we different? Why should we all be the same?
I am not like you. I dont want to be as you are. I dont want to have your face or your hair, your eyes, the type/collor of your skin. I dont want to have the exact same view on the world as you. I dont want to have a voice like yours. I dont want to write songs and stories the ways you do.
I dont want to insult you. Any of you. But having just the same qualities you have or the looks, your perfect body ... It wouldnt be me anymore.
I am special and perfect and want to remain special and perfect. And so are you. And you should remain you. One and only. You.
Dont hate those who are or want to be different. U should respect them much more than u respect those who want to be like you.

But remember; over all respect yourself.

torek, 24. junij 2008

Mi laže w obraz/Lying at my face

Kaj je dandanes narobe z ljudmi? Zakaj se lazejo? Zakaj prikiwajo resnico? Zakaj mene tretirajo za laznjiwca samo zato ker so sami taki in ker se samo ne znajdem w besedah? Zakaj ne moremo ziweti w swetu kjer preprosto wes kako nekaj powedati nekomu brez da bi on kasneje obrnil wsako besedo, ki jo izreces?
Hocem da meni goworite resnico. Hocem jo, ljubim jo in prenesla jo bom lazje kot pa dobro zacinjeno laz.
Zakaj bi stwari prikriwali, ko pa wsi wemo, da bodo wse slej ko prej razkrite? Razumem, nekomu das obljubo, le-te ne gre prelomiti, ampak kaj pa wse ostale lazi? Resnica boli. Ampak se bolj pa boli laz, se posebej po tem, ko slisis resnico.
Torej poskusimo sami goworiti resnico kolikor je mogoce.
Ok, moj uradn priznanje; Gorgo nikol te nism nwemkok maralo. Si pa sexy pa lustn ... Kokr Barbika ...

Resnica oswobaja.

Ko nekomu powes resnico, se ti ogromna skala odkotali od srca. Pa cetudi ti potem pade na nogo.

Whats the matter with people nowaydays? Why do they lie? Why do they hide the truth? Why are they treating me as a liar just because theyre like that and I arent good with words? Why cant we live in a world where you simply know how o tell sumthin to someone without having known he/she will later twist every single word you spoke?
I want you to tell me the truth when talkin to me. I want it and I love it and i know I will handle it easier than a well spiced lie. Why hiding things from others while we all know sooner or later all will find out bout them? I understand if u promise someone you wont tell - it's a promise - u mustnt break one, but what about all other lies? Truth hurts. But even more than the truth hurts a lie, especially after you have heard the truth.

So let's try to speak the truth as much as possible.
Ok my official confess; Gorgo Ive never really liked u much. U're sexy & cute though ... Like a Barbie-doll ...

The truth will set you free.

When you tell someone the truth a great rock rolls off your heart. Even though it might fall on your foot afterwards.